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My name is Joachim Spruijt, 23 years old.

After having my first experience with editing and directing, I immediately started 'film-school'. Several years of studying went by and I wanted to give myself a head start for when ‘real-life’ would come. I started creating visuals for small clients and teamed up with Leda Zhang, a classmate and good friend of mine. Not long after, we started to do bigger projects and became in touch with Timo Wils, another creative mind. As the collective called Musa Films, we worked for several years and created multiple projects for commercial brands and music videos for artists. After two beautiful years, I decided it was time to spread my own wings and start to learn the art of directing and editing. So now I’m solo and always looking for new projects to give my creative vision on. I’m always willing to go the extra mile and make sure we reach a product that’s as close to perfect as possible.




My goal is to give creative twists to bands and songs that deserve more than just generic branding. Empowering songs with visuals that give off the emotion the artist intended and providing a brand identity that stands out between so many others.

The goal is to expand the limits of what we can reach in visual Storytelling, with new visuals that go beyond what’s expected of them. E

Yours sincerely,


Joachim Spruijt

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